Learning From Parrots

painted_cockatooEmotions, parrots are full of them. From prancing on the “lovin’ stick” wanting out of the cage, to nipping my hand to drive me away from perceived danger – parrots are not just instinctive creatures. Hookbills mate in the wild for life, not just for a season. They are jealous, demanding and affectionate. They grieve and they celebrate. They have preferences and habits, good and bad.

Parrots teach us respect. Respect for the environment. Respect for the out of the ordinary. They make us aware of other intelligent species with which we coexist.

The Amazon rain forest will be depleted in 40 years if deforestation continues at the current rate. The Indonesian rain forest will be gone before that. The Amazon is being consumed for cattle to use as grazing land. The beef is the cheapest and is sold to the fast food industry. Indonesian rain forests are harvested for the palm oil. Palm oil is the least expensive cooking oil available. Guess which industry uses palm oil…. yep, fast food.

Not only are we eating ourselves into an early grave with the overweight plague of the human race, we are destroying our planet. Not only do we have to be diligent with pollution, we have to be conservative with our resources. When life is so full of finding the bottom line and the highest profit, our entire population suffers. Our planet suffers.

If we find other sources of protein, the demand will be reduced. Without the demand, the supply will change the face of the world.





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